Lots of good stuff.

Kelvin helps you build healthier, happier places to learn — by making it easy to collect, understand and act on student feedback.


Research-backed Surveys

Survey templates authored by the CORE Districts and the The National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments, so you can be confident your surveys are reliable. You can also make your own.

Question Bank

Research-backed questions, so you don't have to start from scratch. Questions include comments, yes/no, and likert scale types all aligned to school climate dimensions and SEL competencies (or add your own).

Custom Surveys

Use the system to create and deliver your own questions and surveys. This works great for pre/post Parent surveys and exit tickets.

Surveys via Email, SMS, or Chrome Extension

It's easy for students, staff, and parents to respond. There's no need to log in, and we meet them where they're at (Khan Academy in our example here).

Special Questions, Notes, & Alerts

Configure the system to alert you if a student needs help, or ask students "What's one thing you wish your teacher knew?" to help build positive relationships.

SEL Universal Screener

Identify students who may be at risk in behavioral categories related to social-emotional learning.


Email Reports

Summaries for District Admins, Site Admins, Teachers, and Counselors to keep everybody in the loop. Reports include statistically significant insights to help you make sense of the data.


Log into the system to see how things are changing over time and view trends for different dimensions of school climate and SEL competencies.


See how students' perception of SEL constructs and dimensions of school climate are changing over time, so you can make the biggest impact.


See how your students responded to different questions to see your greatest opportunities.

Answer Distribution

View your data by district, site, grade level, race/ethnicity, gender, lunch program, and other significant sub-groups.


See qualitative data with topics and sentiment organized by Google machine learning.


View your data by district, site, grade level, race/ethnicity, gender, lunch program, and other significant sub-groups.

Group Performance

Our "Heat Map" helps you spot trends, hot spots, and outliers for different dimensions, competencies, and groups.

Individual Reports

See how students' self-rating of SEL competencies and school climate are progressing changing the year.


Resources & Improvement

Our curated "Toolbox" of resources, activities, and projects aligned to our school climate dimensions and SEL competencies to help you respond to the data.

Follow Up

Respond to students requesting help, coordinate with colleagues, and follow the thread of applied interventions.

Integrations & Exports

Export the data from Kelvin to your other systems, so you can get the whole picture.