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Support your students' and staff's social-emotional wellbeing and development with one easy app.

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An all-in-one solution

Ask simple questions, get powerful results

Give your students, staff and families a voice they can use. Kelvin’s “Pulse” surveys are a quick way to provide teachers and education leaders with actionable data that allows them to understand where their students and schools are thriving, and what needs work. One step at a time.

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Know how your people feel

Create an engaging cycle of real-time feedback with customizable, recurring check-ins for students, staff and families.

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Identify focus areas

Reports immediately surface opportunities, predict risks, and most importantly — prescribe action.

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Turn insights into action

Our Toolbox of evidence-based resources and interventions guides educators through the process of driving results.


Feedback anytime,
anywhere from

Many survey solutions are a lot like history class — detailed information about a time long ago. Kelvin reaches your people where they're at with the tools they're already using—making it possible to weave automated feedback into your day-to-day practices. More consistency means more growth cycles and faster iteration.

Personalized check-ins via browser, email or text message

Flag students for mental health support

Assess SEL competencies

Elevate student voice & promote equity


The School Wellness Platform

Sure, it does surveys, assessments and check-ins. But there's also bots, alerts, and more—like recommendation engines, automation, insights and a customizable Toolbox—that help you support your students and schools.


Customizable to your
needs & context

Most measurement tools don’t work well in a school context. Kelvin is different. It’s purpose-built for educators and responds to your evolving needs and context. It's easy to customize, so you can start small and go from there. You control what's asked, when and how surveys are delivered, and who sees results.

Built for schools

Integrated with your SIS

Questions & templates

Create custom surveys and questions or choose from a bank of validated, research-backed templates.*

Survey pacing

Set a recurring schedule and control when, how often, and who particpates in surveys.

Monitor subgroups

Target and visualize results by sub-groups (E.g. MTSS tier, grade level, race/ethnicity, program) created from your SIS or in Kelvin.

Advanced Options

Ask open-ended questions, allow comments, and connect students directly to supports and resources—or turn these off until you're ready.

*From the CORE Districts, U.S. Department of Education, and others.


Vetted surveys and interventions

Save yourself time by adding top-level resources created by academics and practitioners—with the flexibility to create your own.

SEL Surveys

Understand students’ social and emotional strengths and weaknesses.

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School Climate

Improve school climate with input from students, families and staff.

Mental Health

Identify and address students’ needs for targeted social-emotional support.


Discover the extent to which students are engaged in their learning.

Teacher Wellness

Proactively retain your best teachers by understanding their needs.

Create your own

Uncover new insights with your own surveys with custom questions.



A safe place for authentic feedback with aggregated and encrypted results that keep responses confidential.



COPPA and FERPA compliant. We are transparent in our data collection and use practices.



Export data by CSV and API for visualization alongside other important metrics.




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"We’ve been very pleased with our Kelvin implementation and we’re very engaged in the data reports. Lots of positive conversations and work with kids has been prompted by the real-time, actionable data.”

Heather Dominguez, Director of Student Services (CA)

“In my decade-plus years working in schools, I have found Kelvin to be not only one of the best ways to recruit honest, comprehensive student feedback - but also one of the best ed-tech innovations, period. Moreover, the Kelvin team is thoughtful, responsive, and caring - true partners in the work, rather than a mere client/vendor relationship. I cannot speak more highly of the simple yet profound Kelvin platform.”

Andy Malone, Regional Superintendent (NYC)

Build healthy schools.

By supporting your students' social and emotional development and wellbeing.