Know Your Students.

Kelvin helps educators build healthier, happier places to learn—by making it easy to collect, understand and act on student feedback.

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Better outcomes for all students

Research shows students do best when they feel included, safe, and supported—and they do even better when they participate in social and emotional learning (SEL) and have a healthy relationship with their teachers. But with so many student interactions, it can be tough to know what students need. That’s where we can help. Kelvin helps facilitate relationships and social and emotional learning by making it easy to collect, understand, and respond to real-time feedback about school climate, social and emotional needs, and instruction.

How it works.

Collect real-time feedback

Check in with students, staff, and parents with scheduled, research-backed surveys—or Pulses.

We'll crunch the numbers

Hone in on issues and spot trends and outliers with Machine-Learning-Powered reports and email summaries.

So you can respond and grow together

With practical resources, tips, best practices and activities matched to your unique results.

See the unseen.

Like an iceberg, there’s often a lot going on beneath the surface with your students and their behavior can be a sign of something else going on. With regular check-ins that pop up on students’ Chromebooks, Kelvin aims to make it easier to understand what your students need.

We also send Pulses to staff and parents via text message & email.
Easy & familiar SEL Screeners
Exit Tickets Mental Health Check-Ins

Tools to make a difference.

As an educator, you're short on time—so we do the heavy lifting with automatic scheduling; email reports; and a bank of scientifically-validated questions and resources aligned to the constructs defined by the CORE Districts, CASEL, and the U.S. DOE National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments.


Works with the tools you’re already using—like Google, Clever, and Tableau—so you can see your Kelvin data side-by-side with other important metrics.


Change survey frequency, add custom questions, create custom surveys, or use our templates to gain insights about SEL, Mental Health, Emotional Safety, Engagement, and more.


Kelvin creates a safe place and encourages students, staff, and parents to answer authentically through aggregated survey results that keep individual responses confidential..

What the research shows