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Here are the answers to some of our most common questions about Kelvin.

We've partnered with industry leaders school climate and social and emotional learning to ensure all items in the Kelvin question bank have been thoroughly vetted for reliability and validity. Kelvin's reporting includes norm data, and you can always add your own questions and/or design your own surveys.

School Climate Measures Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Measures
  • Our social and emotional learning (SEL) surveys were authored by the CORE districts. Items in this assessment were pilot tested with 9,000 students and 300 teachers in 18 schools. Multiple survey forms were administered, and final item selection was determined based on reliability and correlations with academic and behavioral outcomes (West et al., 2017). School-average scores correlated positively with measures of academic performance (GPA and state test scores) and negatively with indicators of behavior (the percentage of students receiving suspensions and average absence rates) (West et al., 2017).

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Yes, you can! You can write your own questions and add them to Kelvin Pulses for students, staff, or parents at any time. This is a great way to create and deliver your annual climate surveys for Parents.
Students answer questions right on their device via the Chrome browser. As they’re surfing the web, the Pulse shows up in the bottom right of their screen and they’re able to respond right then and there. We can identify the student because he/she is logged into Google. Easy peasy. We can also send students
Kelvin sends parents and teachers Pulses every month via SMS text message and/or email, so they can provide feedback about social-emotional learning and school climate. They don’t have to log into a portal or remember any usernames or passwords.We know who they are via the link they send, and can match them to the student(s) and demographic data we pull from Clever or the Student Information System (SIS).
You can change frequency for students, staff, or parents at anytime. Although, we recommend you measure as often as possible, so you can see how things are changing over time. We’ve found bi-weekly for students is perfect, monthly for staff , and every three months for parents is just right.
Responses to individual are confidential to encourage honest and open feedback. This means we don't show who answered what in the system, but we do know on the back-end in case a student's responses are problematic. However, the scores for school climate dimensions and SEL competencies are not confidential and you can can see which students or populations are struggling with which dimensions/competencies.
You can! There’s a few ways to do this. You can access via API, export to CSV files, or we have a few integrations with companies like Illuminate Ed. The last option requires a little bit of setup, but the entire process takes 10 minutes and we’ll walk you through it.
Not yet, but this is something we’re researching right now. More to come soon!

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